Single Disc Electromagnetic Brakes

Single Disc Electromagnetic Brakes

Our company has earned great laurels as manufacturers and traders of Single Disc Electromagnetic Brakes. A friction-plate brake uses a single plate friction surface to engage the input and output members of the clutch. Single face electromagnetic brakes make up approximately all of the power applied brake applications. These operate via electrical actuation, but transmit torque mechanically. When electricity is applied to the coil of an electromagnet, the magnetic flux attracts the armature to the face of the brake. As it does so, it squeezes the inner and outer friction disks together. The hub is normally mounted on the shaft that is rotating.


  • Electrical actuation
  • Transmit torque mechanically
  • Squeezes the frictions disc

Technical Feature:

  • Torque: 3NM to 2500NM
  • High Operating Reliability / frequency
  • Unique Pre-stressed Spring
  • Raw Materials to DIN Standards
  • Coil with Class "F" insulation
  • Special Friction Material
  • Can be used in mounting positions
  • Different armature designs for clutchs for different mounting available
  • With options and bores and different volts other than STD design available on request
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